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. it was squirted into a room full of sixth graders. according to statement released by the department of education, ems transported eight students to the hospital and parents of two students took them to doctors over axe body spray. a punishment is pending an thank god for that. isn't sixth grade a little too old to be wearing body spray? >> not if you're the teacher. anybody that's been in the elevator has suffered the singe of an axe attack. this stuff is terrible. it is. >> is it really? i find toyoit to be a beautiful sexy smell and drives men and women crazy. >> it's horrible. this was marketed the boys if they want to get a girl. i was won wondering did axe plant this story. >> i've never tried this. i'm too old. tom, do you think the acted so rashly in. >> yes. they obviously did. it's unmistakable the smell but it does smell quite toxic. men use them instead of showering. they go to the gym and they're like i'm not going to take a shower. men, you can't wear your gym shorts twice. not even twice. >> that's true. >> they put them on again. it's horrible. >> there are people that do three or
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)